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7/10 senior decision makers say they need to be continuously learning. 8/10 say most thought leadership is not good enough*

Content marketing, at its best, raises awareness, generates leads, and shapes strategic decisions. But many content programmes end up with a churn of simplistic, unoriginal, or provocative content which undersells or undermines the brand. 

Senior decision makers want quality insight to navigate a transforming world. FT research found 85% of CXOs say high quality thought leadership influences business decisions. But most thought leadership is not considered high quality.

Science and technology companies that say something valuable and original will grab and hold the attention of senior decision makers, shape decisions, and generate relevant leads.

Memetic helps you create this high quality thought leadership that customers want to receive. We capture credible ideas in high impact reports which drive lead generation. Then we help you use those insights to fill your content calendar, events, and media programmes with true thought leadership.

* from Memetic Research

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  • Testimonials

    “A single Memetic report generated over 60 high value leads from really senior people, Heads of Data, Digital and R&D at major enterprises, with over 10% converting to sales meetings.“

    Julian Fowler, Head of Marketing, Tessella, an AI Consultancy, part of Capgemini

  • Testimonials

    “This project gave us an evidence-backed narrative which highlighted the need for our solution. The report itself – and the ideas and data within it – gave us credible assets that will deliver long-term value across multiple sales and marketing channels.”

    Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO, Connected Kerb

  • Testimonials

    “Memetic did an excellent job drawing out expertise from our network, and articulating it in a way that was informative and inspiring to a business audience, whilst having rigour in the eyes of our academic partners. That is a very challenging thing to achieve.”

    Georgia Mortzou, , Quantum Communications Hub

  • Testimonials

    “Good thought leadership is not about a piece of content – but about capturing genuinely new thinking. Any single piece of content withers on vine, but when each piece links back to a broader thought leadership campaign, that’s when it starts to move minds and demonstrate true expertise.”

    Anthony Hatter, Global Marketing and Communications Lead, Ventures & Acquisitions, Accenture

Our approach: sector knowledge + content strategy

Quality content can only be delivered by experienced people, so we only work where we have decades of experience.

Cutting edge technologies: AI, IoT, Cyber, Quantum, Cleantech, and Medtech

Deploying these into transforming sectors: Health & Life Sciences, Energy & Low Carbon, Engineering & Infrastructure, Transport, and Scientific Research

We don't just write what you tell us, we use AI tools, industry relationships, and decades of experience to spot the white spaces in the debate and guide you as to where quality insight will be best received.

We know how to extract insight from your subject matter experts, gather the evidence to validate it, build actionable insights, and turn it into insightful hero content that decision makers want. This is the same rigorous approach that makes CXOs trust publications like The Economist, and thought leaders like McKinsey.

We then create a framework to extract the greatest value from this content, enabling you to deploy a variety of connected assets over a 6-12 month campaign, to drive engagement and lead generation across digital, social, PR, sales, and marketing automation programmes.

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