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How can thought leadership influence enterprise decisions?

Our research reveals what senior enterprise decision makers want to hear from tech companies and consultancies, and offers expert advice on how to create thought leadership that resonates with this audience.

Findings include:

  • 67% of technology leaders said their organisation needs to be continuously learning.
  • Only 21% felt the standard of insight in the public domain was of sufficient quality.
  • Good thought leadership was said to contain ‘practical guidance I can use immediately’ (92%); ‘deep insight into a specific challenge’ (87%) and ‘detailed use cases’ (86%).
  • Decision makers trusted organisations more when their public content contained proven examples of challenges being solved (68%) and insight from subject matter experts (60%).

The report also interviewed experts working for BCS, The Economist, Accenture and The Digital Readiness Institute to capture insight into creating quality thought leadership.

Download the report here