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The Objective

Tessella delivers highly specialised AI and data science projects to large companies in science, technology and engineering. Buyers are VPs, CTOs, and Heads of Research/AI.

Contracts are high value and bespoke, so marketing is focussed on demonstrating high levels of expertise, and consistently generating small numbers of relevant leads.

Our Approach

We talk to experts and conduct research to understand the major emerging challenges, in Tessella's target industries, around using data to deliver significant business value.

These are refined into an annual programme of four in depth reports on the most strategically valuable topics. These are a mix of sector-specific issues (eg Patient Centric Healthcare) and cross-sector issues (eg Trusted AI).

These reports are gated on Tessella’s Resources Hub, then the insights within them are broken down into smaller assets (articles, videos, and imagery) that are used to disseminate a flow of regular, short communications aligned to our strategic themes. 

Additional insights articles are also created as new topics emerge from customers, and to test new ideas with the market.

Relevant insights are pushed to a targeted audience using LinkedIn, media, and mailouts. Content drives readers back to gated reports to capture leads.

This is tracked through HubSpot, which allows Tessella to automate campaigns, track downloads, and qualify prospects which are passed to sales teams.

Developing Strategic Content

It is critical the content underpinning these campaigns is useful and insightful to senior audiences

To create the content, we carry out in depth interviews with Tessella’s experts and customers to understand the evolving challenges faced by customers in building and deploying AI and data solutions, and how these can be solved, as well as our own research. This generates insight rooted in experience and expertise, with actionable conclusions readers can use in their business.


Example 1: Report Launch

Update Aug 2020: A more recent and detailed case study of how a report generated 60 leads can be read here).

A whitepaper developed by Memetic, How to build, train and deploy AI into the enterprise, was launched in October 2019.

This was promoted via a series of teaser articles on Tessella Insights blog, prompting the readers to download the full report. Each article has its own promotion digital marketing campaign, with social assets. 

The launch generated 356 views, 57 downloads, and 12 sales qualified leads in one month, including from senior people at major pharma and energy companies. It continues to be used on an ongoing basis.

Example 2: Highly targeted nurture campaigns harnessing existing content

Our content also allows Tessella to run multiple, small targeted campaigns as the business demands.  

For example, a Tessella sector lead approached marketing with a brief to generate interest from a particular company. 

Using LinkedIn, a Tessella video was promoted to raise awareness, then an industry specific text ad pushed them towards a whitepaper. Two senior decision makers, who actively engaged with the content on multiple occasions, were then followed up with by sales teams for conversion.

Julian Fowler, Head of Marketing and Communications at Tessella says

"We are now really seeing our comms spend delivering leads for the business, and we can actually measure success. We are no longer throwing content out there and hoping it sticks, we are being relevant, targeted, and measurable”.

“The absolute essential part of this is that we get the content right. There are a lot of companies putting content out there on AI. We need to ensure what we say has a clear proposition to prompt downloads, but also that it is highly valuable and contains actionable insights. It is vital that the marketing does not stop at the click or download, but continues to demonstrate our expertise when the content is read, so that prospects are receptive when the sales follow up comes.”

“Memetic is a critical partner. They understand our complex business offer, and have become adept at turning our insight into content which is truly valuable to the senior decision makers we want to influence”.

If you are interested in how thought leadership can help you engage, influence and generate leads, please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page.

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