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Tessella is an AI and data science consultancy. Its buyers are CIOs, CDOs, and VPs at major life sciences, FMCG, energy and engineering enterprises. This audience is time-poor and looking for quality insight to navigate their fast-changing world.

Content Strategy and Creation

We create content that offers this senior audience fresh insights into emerging challenges. To gather this insight, we regularly conduct in-depth interviews with Tessella’s experts and customers to understand the real business challenges in AI and data.

These insights are turned into an ongoing programme of in-depth Thought Leadership reports and monthly Insights Articles, offering high quality insight into the most important issues facing Tessella's customers. 

We have covered sector issues such as how AI is transforming Patient Centric Healthcare and technology issues such as Trusted AI.

The insights captured are then used to create a suite of powerful joined up marketing assets - blogs, newsletters, social posts, visuals, videos and media bylines.

'Thought Leadership' powered marketing

Visual content such as social media creatives, demonstrating Tessella's deep expertise, are delivered to audiences using paid and organic social media to drive awareness.

Deeper content such as online articles and newsletters is used to drive understanding of Tessella's capability.

Gated whitepapers are used to drive lead generation through LinkedIn marketing and direct approaches.

The Results: Reputation and leads

Ongoing successes of this programme include:

*Report Leadgen: Reports have generated 100s of qualified leads in the past year. A single gated whitepaper on AI in Life Sciences generated over 120 downloads, 60 sales qualified leads, and 10 sales meetings with pharma companies. 

*Targeted campaigns: Mini campaigns, using our reports, successfully generate leads at specific target companies on Tessella's hitlist.

*Internal Narratives: The process of creating the reports helps Tessella develop new sales narratives which are winning them business against much bigger players.

*Direct Sales: Content is used to directly approach new prospects and regularly leads to meetings. A global chemicals company said one report immediately prompted them to engage, as it 'projected quality and showed understanding of our challenges'.

*Media: The insights have been used to successfully secure articles in quality trade media including Drug Discovery World and The Engineer.

Julian Fowler, Head of Marketing and Communications at Tessella says

"We are seeing our comms spend delivering leads for the business, and we can actually measure success. We are no longer throwing content out there and hoping it sticks, we are being relevant, targeted, and measurable”.

“The absolute essential part of this is that we get the content right. There are a lot of companies putting content out there on AI. We need to ensure what we say is highly valuable. It is vital that the marketing does not stop at the click or download, but continues to demonstrate our expertise when the content is read, so that prospects are impressed by our capabilities.”

“Memetic is a critical partner. They understand our complex business offer, and have become adept at turning our insight into content which is truly valuable to the senior decision makers we want to influence”.

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