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9 out of 10 CXOs say high quality thought leadership influences business decisions. Less than 20% of thought leadership is considered high quality*

To move prospects through the buyer's journey, content should intrigue them with original ideas, and deliver actionable insights aligned to their challenges.

Such content is a differentiator in B2B marketing. But it can be hard to retain specialists with the expertise to interview subject matter experts, conduct meaningful research, and build authoritative thought leadership that resonates at a senior level.

That’s where we come in. We research and create specialist thought leadership reports and articles. We atomise these insights for use across multiple channels to add firepower to your inbound marketing campaigns. And we do it on flexible terms, for a transparent fee.

When your clients need to reshape their market with stunning thought leadership, but you don’t have the internal resource, Memetic Communications can act as your content partners or white-label internal experts.

*Financial Times, Learning From Leaders

Free consultation

Our fixed-fee offers give your clients new insights and a wealth of written and visual content that bring fresh, high-impact ideas to their comms and marketing activity.

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  • Testimonials

    “Because Memetic know what they’re talking about and ask intelligent questions, we are able to have genuinely useful discussions on challenging topics, which identify interesting angles that lead to really valuable thought leadership pieces."

    Dr Matt Jones, Lead Data Science Strategist, Tessella

  • Testimonials

    “This report was excellent. For technical people like myself, it is highly valuable when tech companies share their expertise through useful insights and recommendations that I can use in my work.”

    Amar Hussain, Data Lead, Total (recipient of Memetic-created report)

  • Testimonials

    “Senior decision makers value content that helps them face an unknowable future. Tech companies need to understand how their technology fits into client context and macro-economic forces shaping the world.”

    Ade McCormack, Digital Strategist, Digital Readiness Institute

Where we work

We combine decades of subject matter expertise in how technology is reshaping business, with a deep understanding of how content is used in marcomms programmes.

We believe specialist expertise matters, so we work where we have experience:

Cutting edge technologies: AI, IoT, Cyber, Quantum, Cleantech, and Medtech

Deploying these into transforming sectors: Health & Life Sciences, Energy & Low Carbon, Engineering & Infrastructure, Transport, and Scientific Research

How we do it

We use cutting edge AI tools, industry relationships, and decades of experience to spot the white spaces in the debate and guide clients as to where quality insight will be best received.

We know how to extract insight from subject matter experts, gather evidence to validate it, and turn it into insightful hero content that decision makers want. This is the same rigorous approach that makes CXOs trust publications like The Economist, and thought leaders like McKinsey.

We then create a framework to extract the greatest value from this content, enabling clients to deploy a variety of connected assets to drive engagement and lead generation across digital, social, PR, sales, and marketing automation programmes.

This level of industry-shaping insight drives business for your clients, and retains their business with you.

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