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Build an expert brand

“Consistent, high-quality and engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique”Hubspot

Our programmes

We offer three costed programmes, which can be run consecutively to build your expert reputation, or individually to add expert thought leadership into your existing comms programmes.

Bespoke options also available.
Programme 1
Tell your story

An inspirational story makes everything easier – from content, to PR, to sales, to internal comms and hiring.

We draw out what is unique about your offer, understand what your audience cares about through research, and create (a) a set of messages and (b) an inspiring narrative that sets your offer in the context of your customers' challenges.

Timeframe 2 months
Project cost From £3,500
Programme 2
Build original thought leadership

We develop really insightful thought leadership – usually packaged in a ‘Hero Content’ report – informed by your expertise, our research, and insights from our network of independent experts.

This sits at the heart of your campaign, giving you an evidence-based position on customer challenges, a high quality asset for lead gen, and a repository of original insights to elevate your marketing, PR, and social media.

Timeframe 2-3 months
Project cost £3,000-£10,000
Programme 3
Become a trusted expert

Using insights from Programme Two, and/or conversations with your experts, we deliver an ongoing programme of expert blogs, media relations, and social. 

This joined up approach consistently projects your expertise to your market through targeted channels, engaging potential buyers, and building long-term credibility with those who might buy in future.

Timeframe Ongoing process
Project cost From £2,000 / month


Imperial Business Partners, Imperial College London Logo

“We have a complex, high-value proposition for technology driven organisations. Memetic helped us think about audience needs, combine our expertise into a comprehensive story, and build the evidence. This has filtered into the way we communicate across the organisation.”

Chris Parker, Senior Client Engagement Manager, Imperial Business Partners, Imperial College London

Fusion Industry Association Logo

“This report on fusion energy generated global media coverage, including many articles in the Financial Times, and gave us a unique and evidenced position that is helping us shape global funding and policy decisions for this emerging energy technology.”

Andrew Holland, CEO, Fusion Industry Association

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“The content Memetic creates on complex topics is second to none. They bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table to help understand our audiences, and what we can say to impress them. As a result, our content is well-researched and well-written, and gives us a position of authority and expertise.”

Julian Fowler, Global Marketing Director, Capgemini Engineering