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Published on 7th July, 2020

We talk a lot about how to do thought leadership. But sometimes it’s useful to talk about what we actually deliver (and to celebrate our successes).

So, below we look at five different types of thought leadership we have delivered, with an example of each.

The theme and approach can look very different, but there is one thing we consistently pride ourselves on: quality.

Everything we create is aligned to audience challenges. Everything is developed through a rigorous process involving expert interviews and research. Everything contains genuine expertise and insight into tackling those challenges which key audiences can’t find anywhere else.


1. Thought Leadership Strategy (it’s like content strategy, but the content is better)

Approach: We speak our client’s strategic thinkers and those close to their customers, to understand their pressing issues. We develop a planned, but constantly evolving, content strategy which speaks to these themes. We work with their subject matter experts to develop regular content which will be of genuine value to their customers’ evolving challenges.

Uses: Content is pushed to customers and prospects through blogs, newsletter, social (paid and organic), direct marketing and used by sales teams to keep conversations going.

Example: Tessella’s Insights Hub

2. Research Reports

Approach: We take a hypothesis around a significant customer issue and design primary research to interrogate it and build evidence for its importance. This allows us to create highly credible reports which make an evidence-based case for taking action on that particular challenge, and demonstrates our client’s expertise in solving it.

Uses: Gated report with lead capture. Data and insights underpin long running PR, social and content marketing programme, and provide unique insights that add immense value to webinars and speaking slots.

Example: Moving Minds In EV Charging

3. Expert Insight Reports

Approach: These are similar to research reports, but instead of primary data, evidence is gathered through multiple in-depth interviews with relevant internal and external experts to provide deep insight into customer challenges from people who know how to solve them.

Example: Delivering transformation in Life Sciences with AI

4. Business value cases

Approach: We help gather and articulate the evidence for the value of specific client offers, broken down by audience. Rather than pushing sales messages, we articulate their customers’ challenges, and offer practical, evidence-based advice on the solution, which we gather from research and interviews. Ideal for demonstrating value in an existing sector or breaking into a new one.

Uses: Content for direct and digital marketing, narrative for sales teams, sales follow up material.

Example: Helping an IoT company prove value in the EV market

5. Funding Reports


Approach: We draw together technical and business achievements to develop reports which demonstrate value to private or government backers and make a case for further funding.

Uses: Presented to new and existing funders, and used to reassure customers, partners and staff about the organisations trajectory, plans, and value.

Example: Proving the value of the UK’s quantum communications programme

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