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David Lewis

The Objective

Data science and AI consultancy, Tessella* has a long heritage in life sciences, helping pharma and biotech companies use data to improve business outcomes.

To help them engage strategic decision-makers in life sciences, we worked with them to identify ‘Patient Centric Healthcare’ as a hot topic in life sciences, where their customers are seeking good information and advice on the role of AI.

Developing Strategic Content

Having identified and explored the theme, we scoped out a report, which was then developed through interviews with 11 experts - at Tessella and within its network - who are actively working on AI projects in healthcare.

This created a unique and informed position, backed by deep expertise and real life use cases, on which we based our report.


The report launched February 2020, gated and downloadable on Tessella’s website. Promotion activities, designed to drive relevant downloads, included:

*Targeted LinkedIn lead generation campaigns promoting the whitepaper.

*Email sales campaigns 

* Provided talking points to progress conversations with prospects

*Media thought leadership

*Story in Tessella’s newsletter promoting the whitepaper

*Series of articles written on Tessella’s Insight's blog drawing on findings and case studies from the whitepaper

*Soundbites and key insights from the whitepaper promoted through Tessella’s social media channels on ongoing basis


Three months from launch, the report had:

*Over 120 Downloads

*Over 60 qualified leads from downloads

*Over 10 sales meetings which are considered promising by sales teams

*Most downloads from senior people at pharma and biotech companies, and health services, with titles such as Heads of Data, Digital or R&D.

*Generated 10s of sales conversations from direct email approaches

Julian Fowler, Head of Marketing and Communications at Tessella, says:

“This was a textbook example of how to run a campaign. All the right companies, all the right job titles. We don’t want to be sifting through endless low-quality leads then getting short shrift when we follow up. We want the best leads and we want them to know how good we are. So quality content matters.”

*NB Since writing this case study, Tessella has been acquired and is now part of Capgemini Engineering

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