Starting strategic sales conversations on AI in pharma

Client: Tessella (now part of Capgemini)

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David Lewis


To engage strategic decision-makers in life sciences and healthcare and start sales conversations.


*Through interviews with 11 experts working on data projects in healthcare, we identified ‘Patient Centric Healthcare’*, as highly relevant to life sciences strategists.

*Using those expert’s insights, we created a highly credible report on this topic, with a particular focus on the role of AI in making healthcare patient-centric.

*The report was the cornerstone of a campaign to target decision makers in pharma and health, using paid LinkedIn, trade media thought leadership, email, and social media.


After three months the report generated:

*Over 120 downloads from very senior people at pharma, biotech, and health, with titles such as Heads of Data, Digital or R&D.

*Over 60 sales qualified leads and 10 sales meetings booked.

*Several further sales conversations from direct email approaches with report.

Julian Fowler, Head of Marketing and Communications at Tessella, said:

“This was a textbook example of how to run a campaign. All the right companies, all the right job titles. We don’t want to be sifting through endless low-quality leads then getting short shrift when we follow up. We want the best leads and we want them to know how good we are. So quality content matters.”

*Since this case study, Tessella has been acquired and is now part of Capgemini Engineering. The report has been rebranded and continues to be used. Capgemini Engineering is now a Memetic client.

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