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David Lewis, Founder and Director at

David Lewis

Founder and Director

Richard Moss, Director at

Richard Moss


Jon Hughes, Director at

Jon Hughes


Meet our specialists

We work with a handpicked team of experienced subject matter experts, trained in the Memetic Method, so we can match the right expertise to your needs, and ensure the highest quality content. Together our team have qualifications in science and technology, and experience at the FT, Economist, quality trades, top universities, and large corporations.

Thought leadership specialists

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Jack Oughton, Senior Technology Writer at

Jack Oughton

Senior Technology Writer

Adam Green, Life sciences, tech and policy at

Adam Green

Life sciences, tech and policy

Vittoria D’Alessio, Science and health at

Vittoria D’Alessio

Science and health

Kamal Arkinstall, Physics and deep tech at

Kamal Arkinstall

Physics and deep tech

Simon Judges, Tech and Enterprise IT at

Simon Judges

Tech and Enterprise IT

Content atomisation and promotion specialists

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Mick Mamuzelos, Art and Design Specialist at

Mick Mamuzelos

Art and Design Specialist

Paul O Grady, PR Specialist at

Paul O Grady

PR Specialist

David Gridley, Video Production Specialist at

David Gridley

Video Production Specialist

What is Memetics?

Memetics is the theory that ideas propagate in a similar way to genes. It's not about good or bad ideas, it's about ideas that are suited to their environment.

Get the idea right, explain it properly, and push it to the right people at the right time, and it will have the desired impact.

Get the idea wrong, or send it out into a part of the world where no one is interested, and it will quickly die out.

A lot of money is wasted keeping bad ideas alive or pushing them to people who aren't interested. Start with the right idea and get it to the right people and it will have the impact you want.

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