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Memetic creates precision content for innovative companies who want to lead the debate - and start sales conversations - in transforming industries.

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Why precision content?

65% of B2B decision-makers say thought leadership content can significantly improve their perception of a company. But that same LinkedIn/Edelman survey acknowledged that only 15% think the overall quality of thought leadership was good or excellent.

Precision content solves that 'quality' problem, by precisely aligning thought leadership to customer challenges, and precisely targeting that content at the right people, in the right format, through the right channels.

What is Precision Content?

  • Based on rigorous data analysis of online and offline conversations to understand what your audiences are thinking and where their knowledge gaps are

  • Contains unique insights from subject matter experts precisely matched to what your audience want to know
  • Written and presented by specialists, in styles and formats precisely aligned to how business and technical decision makers consume information
  • Distributed on the platforms and channels your audiences trust most

Why Memetic?

We’ve handpicked a suite of data tools which generate precision insights into what business audiences are talking about, and where those conversations are happening.

We have the hard-won industry experience to interview your experts, ask clever questions, decipher jargon, and draw out juicy insights. We have unique access to pools of independent experts, and research capabilities, to gather additional insights and add credibility.

We have spent years working with science, tech, and engineering decision-makers, so we know instinctively how to turn these insights into well-written business narratives, beautifully presented across relevant formats, which say precisely what your audiences need to hear.

For those without in-house content marketing – we work with trusted partners to get this content in front of the people you need to read it, via their preferred channels, and nudge them to your website, into your CRM, and through the sales funnel.

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