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Published on 11th March, 2021

We are always looking to build relationships with people who can produce high quality content, whether freelance, contract, or permanent/part-time staff. If the description in this article of what we look for sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

Memetic is not another content agency churning out clickbait. We create content and thought leadership that informs and shapes big decisions. We help disruptive companies reframe discussions around possibilities created by new technologies. We help organisations explain how complex products and services fit into complex chains of decision-making .

We show how research and innovation – some of it highly esoteric – is solving real-world problems, and delivering societal and economic benefits. 

We don't just inspire audiences to change, we build an evidenced case for why they should, then we guide them through the process with actionable insights rooted in an understanding of their business challenges.

We work on cutting-edge technologies where businesses desperately need good insight such as AI, IoT, Cyber, Quantum, Cleantech, and Medtech. 

And we look at how these are reshaping industries such as Health & Life Sciences, Energy & Low Carbon, Engineering & infrastructure, Transport, and Scientific Research.

This needs more than good writers (though that is of course a must). It needs people who can get their heads round complex innovations and tell the stories in convincing ways. Who can root technology in real challenges. Who can speak the language of scientists, engineers and technologists, ask them smart questions, and capture the depth of their insight.

It also needs people who understand the industries we work in. We don’t just listen to our clients and write things down. We advise them on the issues their customers care about and how they can have a meaningful voice that senior people will listen to. This can’t be done through a quick Google, it needs hard-won experience writing about (or working in) these industries.

In short, we need clever people, who can understand complex technologies AND the complex business environments they fit into.

Take a look at our case studies for examples of our work.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch on with your experience and a couple of samples of your work. We're open to what you think best showcases your work, but a great start would be one shorter article (c800-1000 words) and one long form piece (3,000 words plus).

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