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Science and Tech words you need to know in 2023

Many of the things we've been writing about are moving into the mainstream

Published on 5th January, 2023

The Economist's ‘23 words and phrases you need in 2023’ provides a good guide to the once cutting-edge innovations that are moving into mainstream adoption.

At Memetic, we pride ourselves on thought leadership that puts our clients ahead of the game. So, it was exciting to see so many terms that we have been creating content on over the last few years becoming a part of business vocabulary (at least the ones relating to tech and innovation).

And so, as 2023 starts, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of these terms and the thought leadership we have created on them.

*Green, blue and brown hydrogen (hydrogen produced in clean or less clean ways): We helped TTP create thought leadership which proposes a solution to scaling up green hydrogen production to meet demand.

*Esim (digital codes which replace physical chips on sim cards, making it easy to switch between devices or international networks): Eseye’s 2023 predictions focussed on ‘the year of the esim’ and how it will transform mobile communications, for phones and IoT.

*Space solar power (huge solar arrays on satellites, which beam energy to Earth as microwaves): One of our written and video features for Lloyds Register Foundation’s Infrastructure 2040 thought leadership campaign looked at creating a space economy that could enable space solar power.

*Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (Emissions from a company's operations, energy providers, and customers/supply chain): Working with partners Outsmart Insight, we produced an internal insight report for one of their clients highlighting what six major automotive and aerospace companies were doing to monitor and reduce scope three emissions.

*Post-quantum (encryption that can’t be cracked by quantum computers): We’ve looked at this several times in reports for NPL’s Quantum Metrology Institute and the Quantum Communications Hub.

*Resilience hubs and cool pavements (tools to protect city-dwellers from rising temperatures): Another topic touched in one of our written and video features for Lloyds Register Foundation’s Infrastructure 2040 thought leadership campaign, looking at Green Infrastructure with UNOPS.

This year we are already working on projects in fusion, cyber, next generation telecoms, smart mobility, and sustainable aerospace. We look forward to seeing what emerging terms - that we are writing about now - will become mainstream next year?

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