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Client: The Fusion Industry Association

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David Lewis


To showcase the emerging fusion industry’s potential to governments, investors, and the public, in order to shape future policy and investment decisions in the long-term interests of fusion.


*Starting in 2020, we designed a survey, which is now issued annually to private fusion companies around the world, to understand their funding status, progress, and challenges.

*From an analysis of responses – alongside interviews with individual experts – we create a yearly report that delivers original insights into fusion funding, technology advances, and commercial timescales.

*Designed the report, including visualisation of data and atomisation for social media

*Launched to business and engineering media, and used for events and public affairs activities.


*International coverage achieved every year, including in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Time, the New York Times, and a raft of nuclear, engineering, and science trade publications.

*Report data used by the FIA for presentations at fusion industry and government meetings, sparking interest and discussions in energy and government circles.

*Several new members have joined the FIA.

*Report produced annually since 2020, becoming an anticipated event in fusion, and a key point of reference in media articles and fusion events throughout the year.

Andrew Holland, CEO, Fusion Industry Association, said:

“These reports gave us a unique and evidenced position that is helping us shape global funding and policy decisions for this emerging energy technology”

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