Case Study: The state of nuclear fusion

How we created an industry benchmark and secured global media coverage

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The Fusion Industry Association (FIA) is an industry association that represents the growing fusion energy industry.

The FIA wanted to create an impactful annual report that would track the state of industry, giving it unique data and a clear authoritative position on the progress of the industry, and a piece of content that’s showcased industry potential to governments, investors, and the public.

Content creation

For the first annual report, Memetic designed a survey to be sent to all notable private fusion companies around the world. We received 23 responses (of 35 companies we are aware of, some of which were too early stage to meaningfully contribute). All those at an advanced stage participated.

This gave us detailed data on: funding, who was backing the industry, and progress towards commercial fusion.

This was used as the basis for our report, which included visualizing data to demonstrate progress, a written analysis of the findings, and profiles of all the companies that responded. Charts were also repurposed into visual assets for use on social media and in presentations.

Promotion Tactics

The report was launched in October 2021 via:

*A media launch

*A social media campaign

*Directly sent to members and other interested parties

*Printed versions used to engage government stakeholders at a UK government BEIS fusion day

*Presented in direct meetings with US government fusion leaders and stakeholders

The Results

*Widespread international media coverage including in the Financial Times (then referenced in three further articles about fusion in the following weeks), The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Time, the New York Times, and a raft of nuclear, engineering, science and business trade publications.

*FIA website received its second highest traffic day ever

*The survey outreach to fusion companies resulted in a new member joining the FIA

*Sparked considerable industry interests and discussions in fusion circles, as reported by FIA staff 

*The report sees ongoing downloads from the fusion industry, investors and policy makers, and has become a point of reference for the media. 

NB: This case study was written in 2021. The 2022 report can be viewed here.

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