The Future of Infrastructure: A Thought Leadership Hub

Client: Lloyds Register Foundation and TWI

Case Studies

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David Lewis


To be seen as experts on infrastructure by the two organisation’s members, customers, partners, and the wider engineering industry.


*Through online conversation analysis, we identified relevant themes on the future of infrastructure and created the Infrastructure 2040 thought leadership hub.

*To ensure credibility, we identified and approached experts – including at Boeing, Shell, Orsted, and the UN – to interview on how global trends will reshape different areas infrastructure.

*From each interview, we created a thought leadership article and a talking heads video.

*From each, we also created visual posts and video snippets to power targeted social media promotion.


David Reid, Director of Strategic Communications & Global Engagement at Lloyd's Register Foundation, said:

“The articles and videos were really strong and added unique and insightful content to the engineering industry’s discussions around future infrastructure." 

"This helped position us as thought leaders in this evolving sector, but more importantly, gave us a platform to raise awareness of issues that need to be considered around long-term planning for safe and sustainable global infrastructure.”

“The project is a valuable long-term resource that we can draw on to engage industry and demonstrate our expertise, both through digital channels and direct conversations.”

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