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Client: Tessella (now part of Capgemini)

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David Lewis


Tessella – now a division of Capgemini called Hybrid Intelligence – had long delivered data science to R&D-focussed companies. As data became a board-level issue, Tessella’s wanted a story that resonated with this senior audience, and content to target them.


  • *Working with Tessella’s Consumer Products team, we set out to build a thought leadership position around helping senior decision makers in FMCG understand how to digitise their R&D, and the benefits of doing so.
  • *Memetic interviewed Tessella’s strategic consulting team, reviewed sucessful projects, and evaluated competitor offers. We drew on our experience of strategic challenges in this space to ask tough questions, and identify the insight that the audience needed.
  • *This led to a strategic narrative for Tessella, and a report A roadmap for data driven transformation of R&D in Consumer Packaged Goods.


  • *The main value has been helping Tessella clarify its offer, helping sales teams and consultants get into higher level conversations.
  • *Using the narrative, Tessella won a significant Strategic R&D Consulting project, in a pitch against one of the world’s largest management consultancies. The new customer said they made the decision because ‘Tessella clearly understand this space’.
  • *In the first three months, a lead gen campaign using the report generated 12 quality leads from multinational FMCG organisations.
  • *The report and content derived from it powered ongoing marketing in this space over the following year.

Dr John Godfree, now Head of Consulting at Capgemini Engineering, says

“We brought together disparate parts of our organisation and offers to deliver strategic consulting for Digital R&D. We can now articulate this extremely high value offer in a clear and coherent way.”

“The thought leadership report has been a valuable lead gen and marketing tool in itself. But the process of developing this – and the resulting narrative Memetic guided us towards – have probably been even more valuable, as they have helped us elevate our entire communication and sales message to senior audiences.”

*NB Since this case study, Tessella has been acquired and is now part of Capgemini Engineering. The report has been rebranded and continues to be used. Capgemini Engineering is now a Memetic client.

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