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David Lewis

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The Objective

Connected Kerb is an EV charging startup. It designs products around EV driver needs, by providing discrete chargers that fit into places where people already park their cars.

At the time, most investment in charging infrastructures focused on ‘destination’ chargers that people have to drive to. Connected Kerb needed to shift thinking in government, local authorities, and construction.

Developing Strategic Content

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Memetic designed a piece of research to understand how EV drivers wanted to charge their cars, and non-EV drivers' barriers to switching. 

We found people wanted to charge their car while it was parked, at home or at work, and did not want to drive to chargers.

This gave us a clear, evidenced message that deploying residential and workplace charging was critical to increasing EV uptake, especially for those without a driveway.

We created a report Electric Vehicles: Moving from early adopters to mainstream buyers. This presented the research, alongside analysis and actionable recommendations developed from interviews with Connected Kerb’s senior team, all highly experienced infrastructure professionals.

Dissemination Tactics

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The report was gated on the Connected Kerb website. Downloads were driven via a media launch and through social channels.

The findings and insights were used to create a suite of content including visual marketing assets, slide decks, mailouts, and media pitches. These were used over the course of a year to power sales and events and driving new prospects to download the report.


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*170 report downloads in the first month, mostly qualified prospects in local government and construction, but also including an adviser on EVs to the Committee on Climate Change

*Report sent to hundreds of prospects already on Connected Kerb’s radar

*Two webinars for English and Scottish Local Authorities attracted over 115 key decision makers, with many actively engaging with the content presented

*The media launch generated wide ranging trade coverage, including in The Engineer, New Civil Engineer, Fleet World, Connected Car, Power Engineering International, Smart Energy, Current News, and Energy Live.

*The data and recommendations form a critical part of Connected Kerb’s sales narrative and underpin their many speaking opportunities.

*Since the launch, there has been a significant shift in industry thinking and investment approaches, and Connected Kerb has grown rapidly to become one of EV charging's key players.

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, says 

“We are looking for government and businesses to make high-value, long-term investments in our charging infrastructure. These decisions involve considerable thought. This project gave us an evidence-backed narrative which highlighted the need for our solution. The report itself – and the ideas and data within it – give us credible assets that will deliver long-term value across multiple sales and marketing channels.”

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