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Establishing an authoritative position on IoT


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Eseye has an innovative IoT connectivity solution. It wanted to evolve its reputation from a tech vendor to enabler of disruptive connected products, and start more senior conversations.

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  • To gather insight, we secured interviews with IoT leaders, including at Microsoft, EY, and Thales.
  • We researched examples of what made early movers successful, from tractors to tennis racquet manufacturers.
  • This moved us beyond the well-trodden story of ‘IoT is disruptive’, to unearthing valuable insight into how companies could access its disruptive potential.
  • Using this insight, we created a report: Limitless possibilities: Delivering disruption with IoT.
  • The ideas captured were turned into a suite of marketing content: expert interviews, tips and insights, and case studies.
  • These powered a lead gen and communications campaign, through LinkedIn, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, webinars, and media bylines.
Bluetooth speaker lying next to phone


At a six month audit, the report had been downloaded over 1,000 times.

David Langton, SVP Marketing at Eseye, said:

“This report really gives us a high value strategic position on the role of IoT in digital transformation, backed by credible insight from highly respected third parties, which allows us to target senior decision makers.”

“More practically, it provides our in-house marketing team with lots of quality content, ensuring our digital and social channels consistently project Eseye as thought leaders.”

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