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For science, technology and engineering organisations…

We make you the experts

In a rapidly transforming world, buyers of innovative technologies want to hear from experts who can help them navigate the choppy waters ahead.

Our thought leadership-driven communications programmes build your reputation as experts that can be trusted to deliver transformational science, technology, and engineering.

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Our approach

Memetic is an award-winning communications agency. And we do everything you’d expect of a communications agency – content, PR, social, video, design.

But our unique approach starts by unearthing original insights that are truly valuable to your customers - through expert interviews, research, social listening, and crowdsourced third party expertise - to create thought leadership that gives you the authority to lead the debate on a critical industry issue. 

That thought leadership powers comms programmes that truly build trust in new and complex markets.

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Why Memetic?

  1. Advanced data tools to analyse 150 million online conversations and understand exactly what your audiences care about.
  2. Network of thousands of experts we can tap to understand your market and generate original insights.
  3. Experienced research and writing team who get the best from your experts (even the technical ones) and turn their insights into compelling thought leadership.
  4. PR and social media experts who get your insights in front of the right people through the right channels.
  5. Strategic thinkers who push you to continuously communicate with intelligence and authority, building trust and credibility over time.
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“We have a complex, high-value proposition for technology driven organisations. Memetic helped us think about audience needs, combine our expertise into a comprehensive story, and build the evidence. This has filtered into the way we communicate across the organisation.”

Chris Parker, Senior Client Engagement Manager, Imperial Business Partners, Imperial College London

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“The content Memetic creates on complex topics is second to none. They bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table to help understand our audiences, and what we can say to impress them. As a result, our content is well-researched and well-written, and gives us a position of authority and expertise.”

Julian Fowler, Global Marketing Director, Capgemini Engineering

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“We are looking for government and businesses to make high-value, long-term investments in our charging infrastructure. These decisions involve considerable thought. This project gave us an evidence-backed narrative which highlighted the need for our solution. This report gives us credible assets that will deliver long-term value across multiple sales and marketing channels.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO, Connected Kerb

Our Clients

Some of the organisations we work with

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