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Science, engineering and technology organisations are powerhouses of evidence and insight. They are rich in subject-matter experts and cutting-edge research, but ideas often live locked up, disconnected from the people whose decisions they could inform and influence.

What if you could unlock that insight? What if you could turn it into compelling content that shapes those important decisions, creating powerful communications tools that target your audiences’ decisions with laser precision.

Memetic draws out those insights from your commercial and technical teams and builds the evidence to back them up. We turn these into compelling narratives which inform and influence your audience’s decision-making processes, and we help you target them at the people you need to reach through media, social and digital.

  • Services

    Research reports and whitepapers

    We create high-impact reports, backed by bespoke research, which offer fresh actionable insights into the specific challenges your audiences face. These talk directly to the decisions they are making, build an evidence-based case to inform those decisions, and position you as the go to experts.

    These reports are designed to power long-term communication programmes, providing unique data and insights that boost the impact of PR and marketing campaigns, influencer engagement, and lead generation.

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  • Services

    Thought-leadership campaigns

    Drawing on your expertise and research, we create ongoing programmes of content that position you as an authority on particular topics, designed to guide your target audiences’ thinking and leave them able to navigate their most pressing challenges.

    These can be hosted on your website as the hub of inbound marketing and lead capture programmes, or used to power outbound media and influencer programmes.

    Each piece is designed with an audience, decision and outcome in mind, allowing hyper-targeting – by industry, job title, or name – through organic and paid social media, PR and direct marketing.

  • Services

    Funding reports

    Whether you rely on government or private funding, demonstrating your market value and relevance is the key to your backers’ hearts. We interview your experts and draw out hidden gems and evidence of success, then package them as a clear narrative to create exciting, visually appealing reports. These help you inspire your supporters, prove value, and make a compelling evidence-based case for new or continued funding.

    We work with your government relations or investor relations teams to ensure our content reaches the right people through events, social media and thought leadership media campaigns.

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  • Services

    Content strategy

    We identify your key audiences, analyse their key decision-making processes, plan content that informs and guides those decisions, and identify the right mix of channels to deliver that content to them in a highly targeted way.

  • Testimonials

    “Tessella has a challenging task of communicating a complex data science offer to a business, scientific and technical audience, across a range of sectors, many of whom are new to the possibilities of capabilities such as machine learning and neural networks. It is critical that anything we put out reflects the high level scientific, mathematical, sector, and business expertise within our organisation, but also which speaks directly to the mindset and business concerns of the senior people we need to target.

    Memetic is helping us develop and deliver a content strategy that resonates with these high level, well-informed people and guides them through a complex decision-making process. They are creating compelling and insightful content that sits at the heart of a targeted and measurable inbound marketing programme.”

    Julian Fowler
    Head of Marketing

  • Testimonials

    “We’ve been working with Memetic to communicate the value that NPL’s Quantum Metrology Institute provides in its support for the UK’s quantum programme and emerging quantum businesses. Memetic helped us create a clear and impactful narrative around a complex topic – the vital role of measurement in the growth of quantum industries - which was relevant to both a scientific and business audience. This was used to create a well-received report on the work of the Institute, and secure several media opportunities which allowed us to communicate the value we offer to different quantum industries.”

    Rhys Lewis
    Director of the Quantum Measurement Institute
    The National Physical Laboratory

  • Testimonials

    “David Lewis (of Memetic) contacted me to ask for my input into a report he was writing, which was investigating a management issue in the Oil & Gas industry. The final report took an informed and intelligent approach to a complex and often overlooked issue – it was well researched, showed understanding of the topic, and offered statistically backed insights and a range of expert advice which would be genuinely useful to senior decision makers in the industry.

    It was content that I was very happy to put my name to. I think that this approach of developing credible content that solves customers’ challenges would be extremely valuable to a wide range of industries navigating an increasingly complex sales environment.”

    Chris Pateman-Jones
    Former Director
    Capital Projects, EY

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