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Our content powers highly targeted marketing, communications and sales campaigns.

We are The Science and Technology Thought Leadership Agency

Science, engineering and technology organisations are powerhouses of subject-matter expertise and cutting-edge research. But ideas often live locked up, disconnected from the people whose decisions they could inform and influence.

What if you could unlock that insight? What if you could align it to real customer challenges, and turn it into quality content that shapes critical decisions.

Memetic is an award-winning London-based content agency which draws out your insights, builds the evidence to back them up, and guides you to where it is needed most. 

We create content strategies backed by suites of high-quality comms assets – whitepapers, articles, presentations, videos, visuals – that shape business decisions and drive high-value leads, across digital, social, PR, sales, and events.

An Award Winning Agency

Take a look at our award winning case study on thought leadership to generate sales leads.

  • Services

    Content Projects: Take the lead on your customers' biggest challenge

    Our one-off projects give you authority on an industry-defining technology issue, through the creation of well-researched reports, and joined up multi-channel content programmes which move minds and generate leads. 

    Case Study: Relaunching an IoT company as an enabler of digital disruption

  • Services

    Content Programmes: Build your long term market position

    Our programmes give you ongoing quality content that stands out from the tech hype. Stop chasing clicks and take strategic leadership on the issues shaping your industry, with content that senior decision makers want to read, watch and listen to.

    Case Study: AI in the Enterprise (Award Winning)

  • Services

    Startup Programmes: Differentiate your offer

    Our fixed-price startup package gives you all you need to build credibility in a complex industry: a compelling narrative, valuable insights your customers want to hear, a suite of connected marketing assets, and support on how to use them cost-effectively across PR, events, and LinkedIn.

    Case Study: Moving Minds in EV Charging

  • Services

    Marketing and PR Agencies: Our Thought Leadership offer for partners

    Benefit from our deep subject matter expertise to create specialist content for your clients on complex technology challenges. Give them a unique and insightful voice, delivered through multiple formats - from whitepapers to media pitches to visual social media posts - that take your retained client programmes into whole new areas.

    Click here for more on our offer for agencies

Our Clients

Some of the organisations we work with

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  • Testimonials

    “This was a textbook example of how to run a thought leadership lead gen campaign. All the right companies, all the right job titles. We don’t want to be sifting through endless low-quality leads then getting short shrift when we follow up. We want the best leads and we want them to know how good we are. So quality content matters.”

    Julian Fowler, Head of Marketing, Tessella

  • Testimonials

    “Memetic did an excellent job of drawing out the expertise from our network, and articulating it in a way that was informative and inspiring to a business audience, whilst still having the rigour to be valuable and credible in the eyes of our academic partners. That is a very challenging thing to achieve.”

    Georgia Mortzou, Project Manager, Quantum Communications Hub

  • Testimonials

    “We are looking for government and businesses to make high-value, long-term investments in our charging infrastructure. These decisions involve considerable thought. This project gave us an evidence-backed narrative which highlighted the need for our solution. The report itself – and the ideas and data within it – give us credible assets that will deliver long-term value across multiple sales and marketing channels.”

    Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO, Connected Kerb

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